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Our Smart Edge Programe

This is our course module, Be a part of this leading industries by our simplified way of training and take a chance to get learn from certified training professionals of the industries.
We build skills which not only give job but also self employement.
Course profile is bein divided across 17 modules & live project Experience For your better understanding.

"Some of the glimpses of our module".

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital/internet Marketing,
How it Works
Significance of SEO
Rank on Search Engine
Build a SEO friendly Website

Search Engine Optimization

Ok, now you have a beautiful website, but there are thousand of website also, But don't worry because we teach you to do Search engine optimization. In short SEO, which is used to rank your website above then all and you learn to eat your competition.

Social Media marketing

Everyone is on facebook now maybe you are also, so its great to do marketing on social media i.e facebook, instagram etc. Why? because people of every age is on social media and you can sell the product according their age. Join us Now! and learn the magic of Digital Marketing course and build your brand

Search Engine Marketing

Millions of people are using the internet on every second around the globe searching for something, Why don't you provide them the same and make money, Search engine marketing is a billion dollar industry and you can also be a part of that, so don't wait, Learn with us some great tips, tricks and stretegy of doing Search engine marketing and reach around the globe.

Affiliate Marketing

A marketing arrangement by which an online seller pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Complicated? Our work is making complicated work easy. Our professional trainers make this super easy for you and make you a expert in affliate marketing

international targeting

everyone is becoming international why don't you, here we will teach you how to market your product around earth in every country or selected country and the reach to every people, A very important stretegy of digital marketing


E-Commerce is the activity of buying or selling of products and services online or over the internet i.e Amazon, flipkart etc. we give you full knowledge of setting up E-commerce bussiness in national and international sector also teach stretegy to succeed in this sector. you can even start selling small goods and services in the beginning.

Earn With YOUTUBE/Video marketing

Youth of today prefer to watch youtube videos rather then Traditional television. learn with Digital step, how to give advertisement or market your product cheaply and effectively on youtube, in addition you can also create your channel and earn healthy amount.


Learn to build a blog and make your own brand, we will teach you website planning based on geographic targeting and interest, you can also create a blogging website and become a blogger.

Mobile Marketing

learn how to promote products or serveices through mobile. it is one of the most important topic, in present world approx every one is user of mobile and after getting knowledge of Mobile marketing through Digital Step, you can reach to all the people who are using mobile phones and promote your brand and make sales.

Earn Money as a Freelancer

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. we will teach you how to take work online and deliver the work without any pressure and work from home and many benefits.

Some other glimpse of the course

E-mail Markting
Fundamentals of Adsense
Online Reputation Management
Content Marketing & Management
Web Analytics

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Style Of Teaching/training

Our Course structure is based on Practical as well theoritical Implementation and we ensure satisfaction of our students

Free Personal development classes and preperation for interview

Our Trainers main focus is on developing students creativity and also we provide free personality development classes to them and make them ready to face the interview

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Our Flexible timing

We understand your busy schedule, thats why we come up with our felxiible batches for all, so you can complete your course without losing anything.
"We provide our course in following ways."

On weekends (Sat&Sun)

For those who are unable to attend on normal schedule.

Hours for class increases.

Best fit for working professionals.

Back up classes in case you miss few classes.

Repeat classes in case of doubts.

Every Sunday

So You are busy whole week does not have time, No need to worry because we give special classes to those who can't manage with their tight schedule,

Back up classes in case you miss few classes.

Repeat classes in case of doubts.

Normal Days (week days)

Best fit for students

Back up classes in case you miss few classes.

Repeat classes in case of doubts.

Can opt for desirable timing throughout a day.